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Few things are more powerful to make us feel energized, happy and hopeful than live music.

But for Pittsburgh folks confined to any length of hospital stay, the journey to live music is impossible, and the empowering and uplifting emotions that music generates for the rest of us are out of reach for some of our friends and neighbors. 

"Music Smiles" brings the music and the hope back to their lives.  We pay local musicians for live music visits to area hospitals and other caring places, and the artists create a healing environment for patients, their families, visitors, and staff.  Channeling for this vulnerable population the live music that so many of us take for granted, artists are also served by performing at places where their music makes an overwhelming, therapeutic  impact and makes smiles happen wherever it is heard.

As we connect music to hospitals on a scale not done before in our region, we also create  new performance opportunities for local professional musicians and build a new market for their talent--ultimately strengthening the fabric of the Pittsburgh region's social and cultural economy.


Bernadette DeVault & David Crisci at Mercy 1-8-14   Dallas Marks & Bob Banerjee
at Presby visit 5-10-13
  Joey Granati & Hermie Granati
at Mercy 8-14-13




Joel LIndsey at
Montefiore 11-13-13
  Miss Freddye & Mike Huston
at Shadyside 3-15-13
  Joey Granati at MonValley



Ed Provident, Jr. & Scott
Stine at Children's 1-17-14
  Matt Barranti & Gary Prisby at Children's 9-10-11   Ron Soltis at
Magee 1-15-14




Joy Brown & Kay Bey at
Children's 7-10-13
  David Granati, Ben Tryc, Joey Granati at Children's 8-29-10   Tony Janflone, Jr. & Curtis
Swift at Mercy 10-9-13




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