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Our Mission
The Sonny Pugar Memorial, Inc. strengthens the region's cultural workforce and economy by ensuring a vibrant contemporary music scene. To further our mission, we underwrite local professional musicians’ live performances in area health facilities, sponsor showcases to spotlight original music and creative interpretation, and pursue opportunities that encourage a sense of community among local musicians.

In support of our mission, we:

  • Educate the region on the importance of contemporary music in building a sense of community, in strengthening the social fabric, and in growing the economy.
  • Encourage musicians in their professional growth and in their connections and contributions to the general community.

Our Vision
We believe that a strong contemporary music community helps expand a region's population, economy and cultural diversity. The Memorial encourages the entire Pittsburgh community to recognize the musicians who affect their community in ways no other artists can, yet have been truly "unsung." Culture doesn't always wear silk and pearls--sometimes it sports denim and metal.

We identify contemporary music as current grassroots: rock, blues, r&b, jazz, country, soul, pop, and all those genre both related and derivative. Our vision of contemporary music is the song that both defines the current population and speaks to their memories. Ever changing, it is the voice of the present day and a reminder of days not so long ago.  

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